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Go Deeper than the Screen.

"The material of a book or magazine is more than a bundle of pixles, and even more than ink and pulp: it is the soul itself  -your mind- the keeping place of God's Image. This is the ultimate leisure of reading: that by recreating an author's story in the soul, we read in ourselves the likeness of the Creator."  J. Wanner


The SWORD&SPADE Experience


A printed quarterly magazine mailed directly to our paid subscribers with a vision to encourage deep-thought and contemplative reading often not possible on a screen. 


Issues and topical responses are based in the unchanging Truths handed down by Holy Mother the Church


Our editors aim to address modern issues men and families face today but with a historically Catholic worldview.

Why print?

There's a hidden cost to the cheap, efficient, and quick media-based communications of today.  Research is confirming what you know intuitively: scrolling, scanning, and skimming is literally altering the way our minds work, and not for the better.  Christianity has always had a special relationship with the written word, especially in our understanding of truth and our habits of prayer that require concentration and contemplation.  Sword&Spade offers a bridge back into the world of deep reading and the formation of the mind.



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  • Print Magazine 4 / Year
  • 3 Addt'l books each year
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  • Print Magazine 4 / Year
  • Limited Online Content
  • Notification of New Releases 

"I am very impressed with the Sword&Spade magazine. The articles are intelligent and intellectual but also readable. I find that many of the articles hit home with personal experience. I also have a sense of relating to the authors. I really appreciate what you guys are doing and it has been long needed."

Jeff in KS
Print Subscriber

"This issue has been an answer to so many prayers... the troubles of work and fatherhood. I've never heard work described the way it has been in these pages. It's been a tremendous gift. "

Jakob in NC
Guild Subscriber

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