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What Weddings Can We Attend?

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2022

Around the issues of belonging and communion, marriage is front and center. Setting aside the flagrant disregard for the obvious nature of marriage today, Catholics of goodwill can still be more than confused in regards to what weddings they can/should attend and which they ought not. To answer some of these questions we asked Fr. Bryan Jerabek, Canon Lawyer, Pastor & Rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham about clarity. 

In the first place, what is the “purpose” of attending a wedding?

A Catholic marriage ceremony—whether it’s a full-blown Nuptial Mass or only a Liturgy of the Word—is first and foremost an act of worship of the Triune God. The way that most marriages are celebrated today tends to obscure this fact. For example: How often is it the case that people do not stand when the priest and servers enter, but only when the bride enters? This phenomenon is quite widespread and is a...

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The Masks We Wear

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2022

Theo Howard, writing this dispatch from Great Britain,  considers the reasons to wear masks and the reasons to take them off.

Perhaps the supreme symbol of the tribulations that have beset the world in the last year is the medical face mask. Itself of doubtful effectiveness in preventing the transmission of infection, the mask has nevertheless become a potent “symbol” of “what you should be doing” as Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed back in May 2020. Saturated with ever greater moral and even cultic meaning, they have since become a crucial element of the public fear, fascination, and controversy surrounding the mysterious SARS Cov-2 virus.

The continued public wearing of these masks, obscuring man’s noblest feature, the Imago Dei, of countless people across the world, prompted me to reflect that these masks are actually only the latest mask that atomized postmodern man takes on and off each day. Or, to put it differently, these physical masks are...

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